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“I’m not gonna touch you. Not until I have your written consent.”


“Fuck the paperwork!”



Yes, I do miss you.

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5 Responses to “Temperance”
  1. 酿酒的石头 says:

  2. 魔之左手 says:

    Yes, I do miss her.
    In the mists of the mornings,in the winds of the evenings,
    I miss her.
    When I am alone, when I am not alone,
    I miss her.
    When I break down, when I accomplish something great,
    I miss her.
    The only thing that can tell me she’s with me is the massage.
    She told me she’s too lazy to send me a voice massage.
    She told me I’m busy when she is free.
    She told me she can send me photos,
    but she can not send me a single video because…
    “No reason~ Because I don’t want to. You can’t do nothing, right? Hahaha~~~”
    She’s hundreds of miles away.
    I do miss her.

    Even though she knows I love her and let me know she likes me but will never fall in love with me.

  3. Wen says:


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